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Video Briefing: “I wish I had Waze”

By November 18, 2021VIDEOS

Blackwood Briefing – Thursday 18th November 2021

‘I wish I had Waze!’  

As the global economy looks to settle down to a navigable route to full recovery and beyond, a number of key issues still look to make the way ahead of a challenging one.

Bond markets do not seem to believe that inflation is transitory and continue to heap pressure on central banks. As central banks and governments wind down their COVID support, in his autumn statement, Chancellor Rishi Sunak appears to be looking to ensure that this does not result in a fiscal and monetary drag on the economy, but without breaking the bank to do so! Does COP 26 provide a well-timed opportunity for capital markets to make the difference to what is needed for climate change? Can that be good for investors? Are the needed outcomes of  COP 26, a vital extra hurdle to jump, but during an economic recovery, just unfortunately timed?

So what for the year ahead, how can capital markets turn a profit for investors? Max Thowless-Reeves, Senior Investment Director at Blackwood Asset Management shares his views.

See a recording of the briefing “I wish I had Waze” now.