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A New Year by Ellis Boyd

By January 6, 2022ELEVATION BLOG

Whilst the Christmas period has provided us with time away from work, I have used this break to reflect on the first three months of my career at Elevation Wealth Management. This blog will explain how Elevation functions and what makes them unique whilst showing an insight into my career to date.

About Me

After graduating from Newcastle University, I joined the world of financial planning and started my professional journey through Admin, Paraplanning and now as an Account Executive at Elevation Wealth Management. To date, I have enjoyed learning from specialists in several financial fields, in addition to completing my CII diploma.

During my first three months at Elevation, I have utilised my client-facing skills whilst learning first-hand from experienced advisers and market-leading experts.

Breadth of services

Financial planning is fundamental to all regardless of age or background, therefore it is of the utmost importance to ensure you understand client aims and objectives. Elevation advisers undertake a detailed fact-finding process with clients to create bespoke and tailored financial plans unique to each individual.

Elevation offers an additional service of estate planning, commonly overlooked by financial advisers. By offering this supplementary service, Elevation are able to create plans for clients who need to consider potential inheritance tax or complications surrounding their Will or Powers of Attorney.


Whether you would like to become a Financial Adviser, Paraplanner, Client Executive or have other ambitions, Elevation will provide the appropriate resources to help you on your journey to success.

At Elevation, colleagues are encouraged to speak out at team meetings to help improve processes with the main focus of client satisfaction in mind. Team meetings occur regularly both in-person and online to ensure targets are met in the most effective way possible.

With offices spanning across London, Birmingham and Nottingham, there is a common feeling of togetherness to achieve a common goal.

Growing Nature

Initially employed as an Account Executive, there is a process in place to help me become an established Financial Planner. Whether that involves joining client meetings or writing reports, the process is a learning curve I am excited to be a part of.

Quality of service to clients

Elevation ensures that the client comes first. Although that sounds like a market-wide cliché, Elevation is at the forefront of financial planning through in-depth research of financial products not commonly recommended for example Venture Capital Trusts and Enterprise Investment Schemes. By utilising specialist products for their clients, Elevation can help minimise clients’ income tax and potential inheritance tax using methods that are often overlooked.

To ensure the client service at Elevation is consistent throughout the company and to also guarantee everyone is ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’, there is a well-structured Central Investment Proposition (CIP) in place. The CIP provides advisers with a simple yet effective solution to match client needs with appropriate financial products and providers which have been thoroughly researched and approved by the compliance and operation team on an ongoing basis.

By regularly meeting with countrywide financial providers and investment managers, Elevation can stay ahead of the market and offer products at reduced costs whilst also ensuring the client service is at the pinnacle of their proposition.