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Video Briefing : Sailing Through Unchartered Waters

By April 29, 2020August 25th, 2020ELEVATION BLOG

The Coronavirus has set investment markets off to unchartered waters. Unlike in 2008, the attack on markets was not financially led. However, patterns of what has been happening economically over the last 12 weeks are not all unfamiliar. Max and his senior investment team have managed through four crises over three decades, which have affected global financial markets.

As the world begins to come cautiously out of lockdown, key questions remain;
– What will the world look like?
– Where will be the safe ports of call?
– Where does Blackwood see future opportunities to visit?

Max, in his usual ‘unvarnished’ style, provides his insight and thinking on how and why he intends to chart the future route for the Blackwood Portfolios, during and out of these current strange times.