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Video Briefing : The final destination or just a port of call?

By July 30, 2020August 25th, 2020ELEVATION BLOG, MARKETS

Continuing with the nautical theme of ‘Unchartered Waters’ being applied as the theme of our last Blackwood briefing, our briefing title for July was “The final destination or just a port of call?”

As Lockdown eases, but where spikes have already occurred in Leicester, are we in for a ‘stop-start ‘ re-booting of the economy? The furlough scheme comes to an end in October, with the threat of a hard economic backlash. And yet, we have also seen since our last briefing, a big bounce back in the economy, and fund values. Why is this? Is there a disconnect between the markets and the real economy? What is likely to come next? Where are the opportunities?

For our July briefing, Max Thowless-Reeves was joined by colleague Richard Farmiloe, to discuss with our audience how they see the market and their strategies for Blackwood in the coming months.