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Meeting of the Peaky Blinders

By October 29, 2019ELEVATION BLOG

On Friday 18th October 2019, all staff were called to attend our Quarterly Sales Meeting, the theme – “Peaky Blinders”. Everyone made a great effort and the serving staff at the venue (in Northamptonshire)  said not only did we look the part but sounded like the genuine thing also! Brummies on Tour!

Whilst being served hot coffee and bacon rolls, we enjoyed a memorable scene from the Peaky Blinders with Arthur Shelby opening the Shelby Family meeting.

Our meeting was then opened by our very own “Head of the Firm”, Tony Smith where he thanked us all for attending and covered the Management Information (MI) for the “firm” for the previous quarter.

We also had speakers from Tatton Investment Management (one of our Discretionary Fund Managers)  Sam Leary & Steve Martell who commented that they had never presented to a more intimidating bunch (and such glamourous ladies)!

Other guests were Sophie Welton, Business Development Manager at Puma Investments and Alistair Maguire, Business Development Associate at Stellar Asset Management.

Following our speakers, the meeting was closed by the “ order of the boss” and we moved onto “The Garrison”  where we sampled many gins served by the very patient Trudi. The afternoon was hosted generously by Tony and Emma Smith, ably assisted by their own “Peaky Blinder”, Harry Smith.  The bangers, mash and mushy peas were also blinding!

Why Gin? A peaky favourite

Tommy Shelby: “The problem right, between rum and gin, is that gin, right, it leads to the melancholy. Whereas rum incites violence, It also allows you to be liberated from your self-doubt”.

No evidence of self doubt from our day and it was in no way melancholy!