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Live Video Briefing: “Reacquaintance With An Old Foe” – Thursday 24th November 2022

By November 24, 2022March 2nd, 2023VIDEOS

Elevation Wealth Management held our latest Blackwood Asset Management Quarterly Briefing & Q&A session “Reacquaintance With An Old Foe” on Thursday 24th November 2022.

Max Throwless-Reeves addressed the Blackwood Asset Management Investors through the quarterly Investment Briefing. Hosting the Briefing and asking the questions was Elevation Technical Manager Adam Rogers.

The Autumn challenges including inflation, interest rate management were all points of discussion -linked to the management and performance of the Blackwood Investment portfolios – managed exclusively for clients of Elevation Wealth Management.

The meltdown of Crypto currency, property and the manipulation of voting rights within the constitution of US Company Boards were all topics of discussion, which provided reference around Blackwood’s Investment positioning.

Whilst the recent rise in markets is being described as a bear market rally – the Blackwood portfolios in particular continue to demonstrate outstanding resilience in class during this time. The radar is signalling on the value for technology stocks after a global market correction. So, whilst early stage opportunities appears to be forming, they continued to be set around the current testing economic climate.

The Blackwood briefing will return in February 2023. If you have any questions about the briefing or any financial queries please contact your usual IFA, or let us know at [email protected]

See a recording of the briefing “Reacquaintance With An Old Foe” now.