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Video Briefing: ‘Conclusion?’


Whilst there seems a general sense that we should be reaching some form of conclusion to the key world events that have been dominant during the last 12 months, the future consequences to the investment landscape, remains less certain.

The complex social undercurrents demonstrated at the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, followed later by the storming of Capitol Hill in January will be a big challenge for Joe Bidden to carry, as he begins to deal with the USA after Trump.

Is the huge current success of distribution of the COVID vaccines into the UK as much a ringing endorsement of the positives of leaving the EU as it is a flag that we are now entering the concluding part of Lockdown? If this is so, does this double header mean that the UK economy, after retracting by almost 10% over the last 12 months is indeed a coiled spring and vivid blue skies lay ahead?

Our February Blackwood briefing, ‘Conclusion?’ discussed what is probably one of the most fascinating economic outlooks in recent times. Max Thowless-Reeves, Senior Investment Director at Blackwood,  covered his take on the likely consequences and effects of this landscape. Property, jobs, crypto currency, were all covered and more. During the Briefing, as well as a vigorous supply of questions for Max to navigate, there was also a special announcement, involving two bottles of brown sauce!

See a recording of the briefing ‘Conclusion?’ now.


“I thought today’s session was really useful! Max is extremely easy to listen to and speaks in a very easy way to understand.” Client of Matt Black, Elevation.